Franchise Your Business

Franchise Funding Solutions works with Franchise marketing Systems, a full service franchise development and franchise consulting firm to help business owners scale their brand through franchise growth.  Franchise Marketing Systems was founded in 2009 by Chris Conner who had worked in the franchise development industry since 2001 supporting businesses to franchise their brand and launch new franchise systems.  Since 2009, Franchise Marketing Systems has grown to 34 franchise consultants and has helped over 700 brands develop franchise models.  

Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) has worked with brands from virtually every industry segment and around the world to develop, launch and implement franchise models.  If you have a business and have considered ways to grow and scale the model, franchising could be a viable way to scale any business with a solid business system, good brand and unit financials.  

FMS Franchise provides businesses with the strategic planning, franchise legal support (Through third party franchise law firms), franchise operations and training development and franchise marketing development work.  Then, the franchise sales team from FMS Franchise will work with a brand to market, sell and implement franchise sales strategies to successfully recruit new franchise owners into the brand.

Contact Franchise Funding Solutions to discuss Franchising your business and how the franchise process works in more detail. 

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